Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush - Ions released directly into the hair



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Hair Smoothing System, with active frizz control.

Brilliant shine, cushion hair brush with an active frizz control ionic generator, that releases ions directly into the hair to remove static and smooth the cuticle. The conditioning ions leave hair looking and feeling soft, shiny and manageable.

Note: Button colour may vary.


I saw the info about the ionic hairbrush in The Daily Mail some time ago but, when I tried to buy one, it had sold out. Finally, I have one and am so glad that I bought it. It makes my rather unruly hair smooth and shiny. How did I ever live without it?


When this brush arrived I wasn't very impressed. I have coloured, very fine, long hair which breaks and always has fly-away short bits where it's broken off.It also has a tendency to frizz.
After using the brush every day I must say that my hair is so much better. It feels smoother. I wouldn't say that it's a vast improvement but I'm very happy with the results.


Yes, amazingly it does work. I have v thick and somewhat coarse hair and I dry it as normal and then before I straighten it I brush through with this brush and it does smooth it down. It is a finishing brush, not to be used on wet hair, although this may seem obivous I did email and ask them and it doesn't say ANYWHERE that this shortens the life if used on wet hair and/or with a hairdryer. So yes £30 on a hairbrush is mad, but treat yourself, it works!


I am no expert in blow drying, so this brush is perfect for smoothing the static fly away hair after drying hair, brush through and smooths out lovely....


I have spent a fortune on different products to try & stop the static in in my hair. Every time I combed it or brushed it my hair would just attach itself to the brush or comb. I thought this would be another product to add to the list of failures but decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did because it is brilliant, no more fly away hair even after it has just been washed & dried. It has to be the best thing I have used on my hair & I don't have to waste anymore money, so very satisfied.


I also bought this brush after reading the article in The Sunday Times. I think my hair must be too frizzy for this brush, as it seems to have no effect. Perhaps I was hoping for miracles.


Impressed, fine,flyaway hair smoothed without using expensive everyday hair products. No electricity needed so ideal to take away on holidays.
Small enough to carry in a handbag for a quick brush before business meetings. I'm very pleased!


An excellent brush for frizzy hair. Very simple to use. Free delivery from BaByliss. Arrived promptly after ordering.


Like one of previous reviewers, I bought this item after reading India Knight's glowing review in the Sunday Times. I can't say I'm as enthusiastic as India obviously is, and maybe I'm not doing it right, but I don't think the result is that overwhelming. However, due to the arrival of a new baby in the family I haven't had a great deal of time to experiment with the product. And it hasn't been real frizzy-hair weather just recently. Still, pleased with the purchase, and the free postage, and the prompt delivery!


I bought this after reading a great review in the Sunday Times. As a person who prefers "helmet hair" because it makes my hair look tidy I was certainly up for trying this and it works - immediately! Delighted.

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  • Cushion brush with soft flexible nylon bristles
  • Battery operated
  • 2 x AA batteries included


Information Booklet - BRILLIANT SHINE IONIC SHINE (196 Kb) [Download]